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The Long Term Care Discussion Group

A voluntary independent group that meets solely for the purpose
of educating the policy community on all facets of long term care

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
2:00 p.m. Eastern
American Benefits Council
1501 M Street, NW – Lower S Level
Washington DC

You must RSVP for attendance for in person or by telephone.
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Telephone Dial-in 866-429-5017
code: 108 331 0810 #

The Elephant in the “Aging in the Community” Room:
How to Update Individuals’ Homes as They Increasingly
Become the Site for Long Term Care

Speaker: Louis Tenenbaum

More than 80% of Americans over age 60 want to age in place… in their own home. It can be argued that it is also the most economical long term care strategy. But that is only true if the house safely and appropriately meets one’s need to age in place. This presentation recognizes the critical importance of supporting people’s abilities to update and adapt their homes to their changing needs as they age in order to realize their desire to age in place.
HomesRenewed (a coalition of stakeholders) is calling for public policy that provides incentives for private investment that supports these types of home updates. This includes what many homeowners do now: update plumbing, electricity and energy efficiency. But it also includes other important renovations that can bring technology and efficiency to the housing including fiber optic cables and solar collectors.

Incentives and subsidies play a significant role in infrastructure development from transportation through homebuilding. Johns Hopkins’ CAPABLE study shows a good return on investment (ROI) from home updates. This presentation explores the type of messaging, incentives and certification that might encourage individuals to pay for updating their own homes. It also explores who the stakeholders to this strategy are and how they will might benefit. Key elements of an appropriate incentives program are also discussed, including what standards should be in place.

Louis Tenenbaum is one of the first contractors to focus on aging in place. He is the author of Aging in Place 2.0, published by the MetLife Mature Market Institute. In 2016 he was named a Next Avenue “Influencer in Aging” and a HIVE (Housing, Innovation, Vision and Economics) awardee by the building industry. Louis is the Founder and President of HomesRenewed, advocating incentive policies to increase the number of homes prepared for residents throughout their lifespan.

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You must RSVP in order to attend by phone or in person by sending an email to ltcdiscussiongroup@gmail.com. 

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Long Term Care Discussion Group Co-Chairs: Susan Coronel, John Cutler, Hunter McKay (ex-officio),
Karl Polzer, Jill Randolph, and Eileen J. Tell

Long Term Care Discussion Group meetings are intended as forums for candid discussion.
Dialogue and comments made during these meetings should be treated as off the record.

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Long Term Care Discussion Group
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